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You are probably aware of the dangers of asbestos, and we assume that is why you are here to take some action towards minimising your risk.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral mined at many locations across the world and used in a wide range of applications due to its robust nature.

Chrysotile (white asbestos), amosite (brown asbestos), crocidolite (blue asbestos), Actinolite, Tremolite and Actinophyllite. In Australia, the first three varieties were widely used.

Where is asbestos present in buildings?

When asbestos in this built environment deteriorates, asbestos fibres are released, hence posing a health risk.

Asbestos can be found in various locations within your residential premises. The below figure shows the locations where asbestos can normally be found. Remember this is for educational purposes only, so do not assume that other areas in your home might be safe. All asbestos surveys and asbestos inspections must be undertaken only by a competent or a licenced person.

If in doubt, asbestos materials should be tested in a NATA accredited laboratory using approved methods and there are no other approved methods currently available. Visual assessment of asbestos is a BIG NO. So beware, if your contractor or a friend tries to pose their ‘expertise’ on you – STOP listening to them and get a sample tested, because, hey, the health risks from asbestos outweigh the benefits by far. Treat all suspected materials like asbestos, unless otherwise confirmed by a laboratory method.

Source: Asbestos Safety Eradication Agency (ASEA), 2021.

How is asbestos testing undertaken?

Our typical asbestos testing involves visiting the property, careful survey of the conditions of the material (bonded or friable asbestos), collection of asbestos samples with appropriate sampling techniques and asbestos analysis in a NATA accredited laboratory. All our asbestos testing in Sydney is undertaken in accordance with the WHS Regulation 2017.

After the completion of asbestos inspection, a detailed asbestos inspection report otherwise called the asbestos hygienist report is prepared based on the outcome of the project. K2 Consulting Group can undertake a comprehensive asbestos inspection report before the commencement of demolition or renovations.

When should asbestos testing be undertaken?

One must take a preventative and proactive approach when dealing with asbestos. Once the bonded asbestos is damaged and made loose and friable, it is difficult to contain the fibres and it travels to other parts of the premises via foot traffic, air movements and material cross-contamination. If you are a person in control of a workplace or premises (PCBU), you are responsible for asbestos in the premises and must undertake necessary asbestos testing.

Asbestos testing in Sydney can be undertaken for various reasons including;
● If you have suspected asbestos materials in your buildings and you want to identify if the materials contain asbestos;
● If you have recently purchased a property and would like to know where asbestos is present in the building;
● If you are planning to renovate and would like to confirm the location of asbestos before commencing your project;
● If your Council has requested, you for an asbestos report prior to renovation;
● If your builder or your council has requested, you for an asbestos survey and an asbestos report prior to demolition (Pre-demolition surveys);
● If you suspect the presence of asbestos in soils;
● If you suspect that your builder or you have tampered with some asbestos products during the project.

The above is only a handful of situations, but there can be many. Read more about NSW EPA’s guidance for household renovations here.

If you are a PCBU of a commercial, high rise residential or industrial building, you may be responsible to have an asbestos register prepared and maintained. Read more about asbestos register here.

You can book an inspection with a professional consultant from K2 Consulting Group. Alternatively, send us your samples and we can undertake asbestos testing in Sydney and issue you with a NATA accredited laboratory report.

Who undertakes asbestos testing in Sydney?

Asbestos should always be dealt with extreme care and caution. Asbestos testing and inspection should be undertaken by licenced and trained asbestos professionals such as a Licenced Asbestos Assessor or an Occupational Hygienist. Typically, they would possess years of experience in undertaking asbestos surveys in various building types and asbestos forms. K2 Consulting Group undertakes asbestos testing in Sydney and has a group of trained asbestos consultants and licenced asbestos assessors recognised by NSW SafeWork.

How to choose an asbestos testing company in Sydney?

K2 Consulting Group has a team of Occupational Hygienists who are experienced and trained to undertake asbestos inspections in Sydney and asbestos assessments in residential and commercial premises. Our Occupational Hygienists are licenced asbestos assessors recognised by the NSW SafeWork and can undertake asbestos inspections and provide advice on the management of asbestos in the workplace and asbestos at homes.

How much does it cost to undertake asbestos testing in Sydney?

We offer a lump sum fee for comprehensive asbestos reports while sometimes we may charge you based on the number of samples, as it depends on the nature of your project. The cost of asbestos testing for a comprehensive report may vary based on the size of the property and the number of rooms and the time it takes to complete the survey and prepare a comprehensive report. We work hard to provide value for your money.

What are the risks of asbestos during demolition?

We recommend that you undertake a pre-demolition survey to ensure that all asbestos materials in the buildings are identified and removed by a licenced asbestos removalist before the demolition of other structures. K2 Consulting group has assessors and hygienists who can assess and issue asbestos clearance certificates.

Asbestos inspection and asbestos testing form a crucial part of building works, whether you are renovating the building or undertaking complete demolition works. Any asbestos, if not identified properly can make its way to the soil through poor material handling practices and the problem has then shifted to a bigger scale, where you must manage asbestos in soils. It is best to engage a Licenced Asbestos Assessor or an Occupational Hygienist independent of the asbestos removalist or the demolition contractor so that you can obtain an unbiased opinion about the asbestos removal works.
At K2 Consulting Group, we offer tailored solutions to our clients when it comes to pre-demolition surveys. We undertake a comprehensive asbestos survey of the building materials and work with the demolition contractor to ensure that the knowledge transfer occurs in a seamless pattern.

Asbestos test kits have been popular among the DIYers and we receive numerous enquiries if we supply one or if an asbestos test kit can be sourced from Bunnings. There is no such kit that is available on the market that can tell you whether asbestos is present in your building or not. The only way to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos is via accredited laboratory testing.

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We offer a one-stop solution to all your asbestos requirements for services such as preparation of asbestos registers, asbestos management plans, asbestos removal control plan, asbestos Occupational Hygienist supervision works, asbestos in soils assessment, asbestos risk assessments and independent asbestos advice and can recommend you good asbestos removal companies if you are unable to choose one. We work with reputed asbestos removalists in Sydney and can assist you in choosing one who fits best for your project.


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Environmental Assessment for Asbestos in Soils

Sometimes asbestos fragments are identified in or on soils from any legacy issues onsite. Asbestos in soils assessment is a staged process and often involves the assessment of soils for the presence or absence of asbestos.

When you engage K2 Consulting group our Environmental Consultants have a detailed meeting with you and/or your town planners to understand the desired outcome for the project. Once the objectives are set, we will undertake an environmental assessment as per the relevant guidelines and codes of practices. Upon completion of the environmental assessment for asbestos in soils, a comprehensive report will be prepared. Based on the extent of the assessment we may provide you with a Preliminary Site Assessment or a Detailed Site Investigation.

If asbestos in soils were detected and based on the severity of the risk (such as friability of asbestos or affecting neighbouring properties), we will then discuss the remediation options (clean up methods) with you.

After completion of the remediation of soils, Environmental Consultants at K2 Consulting Group will be able to assess the clean soils and issue you with a validation report (sometimes contractors refer this to as ‘clearance report’) which will then deem the area suitable for the proposed use.
You can engage K2 Consulting Group as an independent advisor, to supervise the remediation undertaken by the asbestos removalist, so you can be at peace that the processes are supervised by an expert Hygienist, thus eliminating any budget blowouts and ensuring you are compliant with all environmental requirements.

Our environmental consultants are accredited certified environmental practitioners (CEnvP) to undertake contaminated land investigations as required by the NSW EPA and local councils. We are also accredited licenced asbestos assessors and we offer a one-stop shop for all your advice related to asbestos in soils.

K2 Consulting Group offers asbestos inspection, asbestos register and asbestos testing services across Greater Sydney and other areas in NSW. Please feel free to contact us on 1800 523 000 and talk to one of our senior consultants.

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Remediation of Contaminated Soils

Soils are referred to as contaminated when the concentration of contaminant is usually higher than the ambient concentrations. There may be naturally elevated concentration of contaminants while in most of the cases, there is an apparent source of contamination (point source).

Environmental Assessment

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are trained and experienced in the assessment and management of contaminated soils and groundwater. Our quick, effective and practical approach in contamination management puts us at the forefront of today’s emerging contamination management market.


Soils are referred to as contaminated when the concentration of contaminant is usually higher than the ambient concentrations. There may be naturally elevated concentration of contaminants while in most of the cases, there is an apparent source of contamination (point source).

Waste Classification Services

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group undertake a systematic and exhaustive approach in classifying soils, as it can be a huge savings to the project if lesser quantity is sent to the landfill or waste recovery centre, while still meeting the regulations.

Vapour Intrusion Investigation

K2 Consulting Group utilises best-practice planning, collection, analysis and conduct human health risk assessment and site screening. K2 Consulting Group’s team of expert engineers ensure that regulatory requirements are met so that stakeholder risks are understood.

Acid Sulphate Soil

When Acid Sulfate Soils can be detrimental to the environment when exposed to atmospheric air through anthropogenic activities (excavation for construction purposes etc) or natural means (drainage of groundwater).

PFAS Investigations

PFAS refers to Per & Poly Fluorinated Alkyl Substance which is a group of long chain fluorinated organic compounds used in various industrial applications. Australia and other leading nations have banned the usage of the PFAS containing chemicals.

Environmental Consultants

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are qualified lead auditors in Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001:2015, Management Systems Auditing – ISO 19011:2018. We can assist your organisation in identifying various environmental risks.

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To Discuss Your Site Specific Environmental and Occupational Hygiene Issues.
Our Consultants are qualified Scientists and Engineers with over 10 years of experience in specialized fields and understand the relevant regulations and provide practical solutions.

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