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K2 Consulting Group is a leading environmental consultancy in Sydney, and we offer environmental consulting, occupational hygiene, remediation advice and environmental assessment services. We have a combined experience of more than 20 years of assisting in residential construction, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Our Environmental Consulting Services include Environmental Site Assessments (Preliminary Site Investigation report and Detailed Site Investigation report), waste classification reports, resource recovery exemption assessments, acid sulphate soil investigations, groundwater investigations and pre-purchase environmental due-diligence investigations.

K2 Consulting Group-Leading Environmental Consultants in Sydney

Environmental Consultants are Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvP) who are recognized by The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and can undertake environmental assessment and provide advice on matters related to site contamination, soil classification, assessment of site condition, undertake remediation assessment and issue validation (clearance) reports.

Our consultants are members of nationally accredited organisations including Engineers Australia, Australian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA), Faculty of Asbestos Management of Australia and New Zealand (FAMANZ), Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ), Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene (AIOH).

How Environmental Consultants at K2 can help you?

We are specialised consultants who can advise on issues related to land contamination, environmental site assessments and can undertake the following:

● Environmental Site Assessment.
● Preliminary Site Investigations or Assessments.
● Detailed Site Investigations or Assessments.
● Develop Remediation Action Plans.
● Acid Sulfate Soil reports.
● Soil classification reports.
● Underground fuel tank storage.
● Undertake validation testing and issue validation reports.

We offer a one-stop shop for your environmental assessment requirements as we also have occupational hygienists and Licenced asbestos assessors to handle any hygiene-related matters onsite including asbestos in soils issues on your property.

How can we help you with Environmental Assessments in Sydney?

We undertake Preliminary Site Investigations and/or Detailed Site Investigations to assess the soils on-site based on various codes and guidelines as per the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure (NEPM 1999, revised 2003).

If any contamination is identified in the soils onsite and requires remediation, a remediation plan report is prepared, and a remediation contractor is engaged. Upon completion of the clean-up (post-remediation), further testing of soils is undertaken, and a validation report is prepared, which would then deem the soils on site are clear of contamination and that the site can be used for the proposed development or existing use.

We undertake Preliminary Site Investigations and/or Detailed Site Investigations to assess the soils on-site based on various codes and guidelines as per National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM 1999, revised 2003) and Contaminated Land Act 1997.

Why choose K2 Consulting group?

We regularly undertake environmental assessments and produce site contamination reports for development purposes, construction, development and any legacy contamination issues.

We are an innovative team of Environmental Engineers (recognised by Engineers Australia and The Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and Scientists and provide simple and practical solutions to our Client’s Environmental issues. Our key strengths include:

● In-depth technical knowledge in contaminated land matters.

● Experienced environmental consultants in Sydney.

● Quick delivery of reports.

● You will be assigned a Principal Consultant and will work with Engineers and Scientists.

● We are experienced in dealing with local councils, the EPA and other regulators and have developed a reputation in the industry.

K2 Consulting Group has a specialised team of site contamination specialists who can undertake simple to complex site assessments and prepare environmental site investigation reports. We have provided cutting edge and cost-effective remediation solutions to many sites in NSW and interstate. We stay supportive of the client throughout the project and ensure that the objectives are met and the client is able to proceed to the next stage of the remediation.

Our specialised services include Prelimary site Investigation, Detailed Site Assessment, preparation of remediation action plan, preparation of site validation report, groundwater assessments, Asbestos in soil remediation, and PFAS remediation. Call us to discuss your project with confidentiality.

When do you need to engage an Environmental Consultant in Sydney?

You may need to engage an environmental consultant in the following scenarios:

● When the Councils or NSW SafeWork issues you a notice to investigate any contamination issues on your land and issue a site contamination report.
● You may be asked to under an Environmental Assessment for Development Application purposes.
● You may be a victim of fly-tipping or illegal dumping where someone else has illegally brought soil materials or other contaminants to your land without your consent.

And many more.

How do you choose an Environmental Consultant?

Anyone you choose for your project must be a right fit for the team who can assist in your project and an environmental consultant can be an integral part of the team that manages contamination issues on your site.

We recommend that you choose an environmental consultant in Sydney based on the following:
● Technical expertise in handling similar projects in Sydney.
● Knowledge of local council requirements.
● Expert team of consultants.
●Accredited Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvP) certification and other relevant organisations.
● Public liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.
● Friendly to work with.
● Consistency in project management.
● Prompt and timely delivery of reports.
● Good testimonials from previous and current clients.

How much does it cost to hire an Environmental Consultant in Sydney?

At K2 Consulting Group we endeavour to provide a lump-sum fee for most of the projects we assess. Before onboarding a project, we undertake a detailed site meeting or phone meeting to assess the status quo and the desired outcome for the project.
Once the client requirements are understood, we provide the clients with a detailed quote based on the objectives and outcome required. Our quotes are transparent, and we aim to finish the project within the lump-sum fee provided, unless the objectives are changed during the project, so you can work with the allotted budget.

There are four stages of environmental site assessments that can be undertaken by the Environmental Consultant or the Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP):

Prelimary site Investigation
Detailed Site Assessment
Remediation action plan
● Validation site assessment

Every project is different, and we recommend you talk to us regarding your project.

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Choosing the right environmental consulting is crucial for ensuring the safety and compliance of your project. Look for consultants who are licensed and certified, have extensive experience and a proven track record, and carry appropriate insurance coverage. Ensure they adhere to all relevant regulations and guidelines, provide detailed quotes that include all costs, and have positive references and reviews from previous clients.

We provide services such as contamination assessments, preliminary and detailed site investigations, environmental management plans, occupational hygienist supervision works, soil and groundwater assessments, environmental risk assessments, and independent environmental advice.

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Our Consultants are qualified Scientists and Engineers with over 10 years of experience in specialized fields and understand the relevant regulations and provide practical solutions.

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Our Services

Remediation of Contaminated Soils

Soils are referred to as contaminated when the concentration of contaminant is usually higher than the ambient concentrations. There may be naturally elevated concentration of contaminants while in most of the cases, there is an apparent source of contamination (point source).

Environmental Assessment

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are trained and experienced in the assessment and management of contaminated soils and groundwater. Our quick, effective and practical approach in contamination management puts us at the forefront of today’s emerging contamination management market.


Soils are referred to as contaminated when the concentration of contaminant is usually higher than the ambient concentrations. There may be naturally elevated concentration of contaminants while in most of the cases, there is an apparent source of contamination (point source).

Waste Classification Services

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group undertake a systematic and exhaustive approach in classifying soils, as it can be a huge savings to the project if lesser quantity is sent to the landfill or waste recovery centre, while still meeting the regulations.

Vapour Intrusion Investigation

K2 Consulting Group utilises best-practice planning, collection, analysis and conduct human health risk assessment and site screening. K2 Consulting Group’s team of expert engineers ensure that regulatory requirements are met so that stakeholder risks are understood.

Acid Sulphate Soil

When Acid Sulfate Soils can be detrimental to the environment when exposed to atmospheric air through anthropogenic activities (excavation for construction purposes etc) or natural means (drainage of groundwater).

PFAS Investigations

PFAS refers to Per & Poly Fluorinated Alkyl Substance which is a group of long chain fluorinated organic compounds used in various industrial applications. Australia and other leading nations have banned the usage of the PFAS containing chemicals.

Environmental Consultants

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are qualified lead auditors in Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001:2015, Management Systems Auditing – ISO 19011:2018. We can assist your organisation in identifying various environmental risks.