Licensed Asbestos Clearance Inspection in Sydney

What are clearance inspections?

Following any asbestos work carried out, there are requirements to ensure the work area, tools, and workers are decontaminated and asbestos waste is disposed of properly. In addition to this, for licensed removal work a clearance inspection will be required before the work area can be reoccupied for ordinary use.

What is a clearance certificate?

Asbestos Clearance Certificates are issued by licensed asbestos assessor. following licensed asbestos removal works to notify stakeholders that the area is safe for re-occupation. The competent person will Visually inspect the asbestos work area to make sure it has been properly cleaned. Clearance monitoring may be required to ensure that the work area is free of asbestos fibres prior to being certified for reoccupation.

Clause 489 of the WHS Regulation states that “An asbestos assessor license is required for air monitoring, clearance inspections and clearance certificates for class A removal work (friable asbestos removal work)”.

Consultants at K2 are qualified Licensed Asbestos Assessors. Call us today to discuss your clearance certificate requirements.

Who are Licenced Asbestos Assessors ?

A licensed asbestos assessor is a person who holds an asbestos assessor license approved by the relevant State or Territory.

The WHS Regulations require that a person must hold an asbestos assessor licence to conduct the following:

  1. air monitoring for Class A asbestos removal work
  2. clearance inspections for Class A asbestos removal work
  3. issuing clearance certificates in relation to Class A asbestos removal work.

A licensed assessor can also carry out a number of other tasks including identifying asbestos, carrying out a risk assessment or reviewing an asbestos registers.

What are pre-demolition surveys?

Pre-demolition surveys are essential for identifying and managing hazardous materials before any building demolition. These surveys ensure the safety of workers, compliance with regulations, and the protection of the environment. At K2 Consulting Group, we specialize in comprehensive pre-demolition HAZMAT surveys, providing accurate assessments and tailored solutions for a safer demolition process.

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group has undertaken countless surveys in various buildings, vessels, plant and machinery and can assist you with your surveys.


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We work with reputed asbestos removalists in Sydney and can assist you in choosing one who fits best for your project. Read more about How to choose an asbestos removalist in Sydney.

We provide other services such as preparation of asbestos registers, asbestos management plans, asbestos removal control plan, asbestos Occupational Hygienists supervision works, asbestos in soils assessment, asbestos risk assessments and independent asbestos advice.

Asbestos test kits have been popular among the DIYers and we receive numerous enquiries if we supply one or if a kit can be sourced from Bunnings.

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Remediation of Contaminated Soils

Soils are referred to as contaminated when the concentration of contaminant is usually higher than the ambient concentrations. There may be naturally elevated concentration of contaminants while in most of the cases, there is an apparent source of contamination (point source).

Environmental Assessment

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are trained and experienced in the assessment and management of contaminated soils and groundwater. Our quick, effective and practical approach in contamination management puts us at the forefront of today’s emerging contamination management market.


Soils are referred to as contaminated when the concentration of contaminant is usually higher than the ambient concentrations. There may be naturally elevated concentration of contaminants while in most of the cases, there is an apparent source of contamination (point source).

Waste Classification Services

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group undertake a systematic and exhaustive approach in classifying soils, as it can be a huge savings to the project if lesser quantity is sent to the landfill or waste recovery centre, while still meeting the regulations.

Vapour Intrusion Investigation

K2 Consulting Group utilises best-practice planning, collection, analysis and conduct human health risk assessment and site screening. K2 Consulting Group’s team of expert engineers ensure that regulatory requirements are met so that stakeholder risks are understood.

Acid Sulphate Soil

When Acid Sulfate Soils can be detrimental to the environment when exposed to atmospheric air through anthropogenic activities (excavation for construction purposes etc) or natural means (drainage of groundwater).

PFAS Investigations

PFAS refers to Per & Poly Fluorinated Alkyl Substance which is a group of long chain fluorinated organic compounds used in various industrial applications. Australia and other leading nations have banned the usage of the PFAS containing chemicals.

Environmental Consultants

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are qualified lead auditors in Environmental Management Systems – ISO 14001:2015, Management Systems Auditing – ISO 19011:2018. We can assist your organisation in identifying various environmental risks.