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Environmental Assessments

K2 Consulting Group is a leading Environmental Consultancy in Sydney and provides environmental reports and assessments to civil, construction and infrastructure projects. We offer phase 1 (preliminary environmental assessments or Preliminary Site Investigations), Phase 2 (Detailed Site Investigation) site assessments, provide a remediation action plan, supervise remediation works and issue validation reports after completion of site remediation.

We are environmental consultants and scientists with over 15 years of experience in soil assessments and remediation of contamination. Our environmental assessment reports are widely accepted by the Councils in Greater Sydney. We are fully licenced and certified to issue environmental reports, which is a new requirement by the NSW EPA. Call us to talk to our Environmental Consultants.

Due Diligence environmental reports

Are you purchasing a property and sceptical about the quality of soils onsite?

Due diligence usually begins with a preliminary phase 1 investigation. This preliminary site investigation can be desktop-based or can additionally include a site visit and minimal soil sampling.

If further contamination is suspected onsite, a detailed phase 2 site investigation will be required, involving the collection of soil samples and laboratory analysis for the suspected contaminants. Your environmental consultant will talk to you and provide you with the best possible strategy.

Our friendly and skilful team of environmental consultants are highly qualified engineers (recognized by Engineers Australia) and scientists (with years of post-doctoral Australian research experience) who ensure that you can buy with confidence.

Asbestos testing in Sydney

Are you worried about exposure to asbestos in your residential and commercial premises? Talk to us about how to manage your situation. Book a free consultation.

Asbestos testing involves a careful survey of all areas in the building and collection of necessary samples by our licenced asbestos assessors. Testing for asbestos will be undertaken by a NATA accredited laboratory.

Asbestos Reports

K2 Consulting Group is a team of highly experienced and trained Occupational Hygienists and can provide any asbestos reports including asbestos registers, asbestos clearance inspections, asbestos in soils assessment and remediation, asbestos air quality testing and monitoring, asbestos testing for residential and commercial buildings by a NATA accredited asbestos laboratory.

Asbestos registers

Are you going to renovate your residential or commercial property that was built before 2003?

Have you thought about your liability to your employees and contractors related to asbestos exposure on your property?

If you are the owner or the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) of commercial premises built before 2003, it is your responsibility to ensure that the premises have an asbestos register onsite and an asbestos management plan to manage any asbestos-related hazards. We can assist you in the preparation of asbestos registers to comply with NSW SafeWork regulations. Our asbestos inspection includes a thorough walkover of the building, collection of samples, asbestos testing, undertake asbestos risk assessments and issue an asbestos register.

Asbestos Survey

We receive several calls requesting ‘ready to go’ asbestos test kits or ‘instant’ asbestos test kits to determine if the building samples contain asbestos. Although there are onsite asbestos analysers that can provide an instant result, they are not approved by regulators, and you are required to test the samples in the NATA asbestos laboratory. Asbestos test kits are not litmus test packs and only contains basic items for sample collection such as ziplock bags, masks, gloves, and cleaning wipes.

If you suspect the presence of asbestos, order an asbestos inspection or a complete asbestos survey undertaken by one of our licenced asbestos assessors.

Asbestos removal

When asbestos cannot be safely managed onsite, asbestos removal becomes the best possible strategy to eliminate any asbestos-related health risks. When you engage an asbestos removalist, we recommend that you find a good one (the cheapest quote cannot always deliver the best work) who can do the job well and ensure that all invisible asbestos fibres are thoroughly decontaminated.

A good asbestos removalist does not take shortcuts during removal and undertakes all necessary procedures as per the NSW SafeWork requirements and takes personal pride and responsibility in the safety of the workplace and the health of people occupying the site after asbestos removal is completed.

Finally, once the removal works are completed, an asbestos clearance certificate shall be issued by an independent Licenced Asbestos Assessor or a competent person (bonded and visual inspections only) after though inspection of the removal area.

The hygienist will determine the requirement for asbestos air monitoring during removal and are licenced to advise on asbestos. Asbestos removalists cannot undertake asbestos survey, sampling, and removal at the same time as it becomes self-contradicting and cannot undertake any risk assessments unless they are licenced asbestos assessors. Call us today for any asbestos inspections.

Why Us?

Experienced Consultants

K2 Consulting Group is a leading Australian environmental consultancy with technical expertise in HAZMAT (asbestos, mould), risk assessment, soil and asbestos remediation solutions, due diligence reporting and occupational hygiene consulting.

Practical Solutions

K2 Consulting Group works with its clients to understand the problems and provide practical solutions to a wide range of issues in HAZMAT, contaminated land, soil classification and occupational hygiene services.

Cost Effective Remediation

K2 Consulting Group provides cost-effective environmental remediation services focusing on client requirements and outcomes, through streamlined services and efficient delivery.

Our Services

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Environmental Services

We can give you peace of mind by taking away the worry of any environmental risks.
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Occupational Hygiene

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are experienced in undertaking a range of occupational hygiene assessments.
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Waste Classifictaion

Consultants at K2 Consulting Group are experienced in undertaking a range of Soil Waste Classification.
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Asbestos Services

Assist businesses and private clients in managing their asbestos risks and their obligations in meeting asbestos-related issues.
asbestos inspection

Contaminated Site Assessments

K2 Consulting Group is a dynamic and experienced Consulting firm, specializing in Contaminated Site Assessments.
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Property Services

K2 Consulting Group is a dynamic and experienced Consulting firm, specializing in Property Services such as pre-purchase inspection, mould assessments, and asbestos inspections.

Asbestos Services

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